This Is Our Secret Weapon for Outdoor Remodeling


Ever been worried about planning an indoor remodeling project? 

Consider this scenario:

Imagine that the stainless-steel bathroom faucet you carefully selected grows 2 feet higher the year after you install it.

Imagine your kitchen island wilts like a thirsty flower when the tree outside matures and heavily shades your kitchen.

Silly ideas? Yes, but it shows that planning is just as critical for an outdoor remodeling as an indoor renovation.  

This Tool Helps Protect Your Landscaping Investment

Landscape design is an investment in your home – and like an indoor home improvement project, landscaping increases the value of your home. The return on investment is incredible:  statistics range from 100% to 1,000%.

With that in mind, planning a landscape redesign needs just as much care as an inside project. Consider your lifestyle, budget and your future in the home. We do all this with you at the start of the project.

At Designer Landscapes, we’re always looking for the next great tool that will help us better design, and care for, your landscape. And there’s one tool – our secret weapon – that has made the difference for both indoor remodelers– and for landscape architects, too. It’s 3D design software.

What Is 3D Design Software?

Before and After pictures of a landscaped design

3-D design software lets you see views from multiple angles, not just a static 2-D image, – so you’re not surprised. It actually feels like you're in your landscape. 

Planning with 3D design is the best way to protect your investment in landscaping. It helps you breathe easier about making the investment because you know how the project will look upon completion.

There’s nothing like a 3D design to excite you about your project. You can actually see and get a real feel for what your landscape will look like in all its glory. Watch the video!

Cool, huh? After seeing the video and thinking of scenarios like silly ones I wrote about earlier, you can see 3D design is even more critical to a landscape plan than an indoor remodel, since we’re talking about living, breathing trees and perennials that change over time.

As landscape designers, we at Designer Landscapes consider how the trees and plants will survive, thrive and interact with your "outdoor living rooms" tomorrow and 10 years from now. 3D software helps us do that.

What Is The Difference Between 3D Software Design And A Hand-Drawn Design?

With 3D design, we can add and subtract features easily at your request.

For example, maybe you’re thinking of adding a water fountain but you’re not sure it will work in the space? Or a firepit is always a cozy option. You’d really like a retaining wall but need to see it before you commit.

Can’t decide between a concrete or paver patio? You can see many options, add and subtract the details, and much more.

Curious which types of bricks will work with your siding? Explore the many colors and styles available with our software. We pay attention to the highlights of your home's exterior and replicate them or tie designs in so as to create a completed look not a competitive or "stages" one.

We can even show you the design with the changing seasons – and the growth over time. Want to see that tree mature in 20 years? 3D design makes it easy. Will that growing tree end up shading the sun-loving perennials you planted? We’ll talk you through it.

Don’t get me wrong. We take great pride in our hand-drawn images -- It’s the artist in us. Beautifully crafted, each one is a work of art.

A hand-drawn image of a landscape design

But hand-drawn designs that convey a bird’s-eye view of your yard. That can make it difficult to imagine what the finished landscape actually will look like – and what it will feel like to you, in your space and your environment. That’s where 3-D design comes in.

Our 3D design software lets you see a more accurate way of seeing the finished product in your garden before we finalize your plan.

You’ll get the peace of mind when you can truly envision the finished product.

Is 3D Design Just for Designing Gardens?

Not at all! We use it every day for patios, landscaped walkways, firepits, decorative concrete curbing as well as for designing gardens. It’s especially useful for designing around pools and outdoor kitchens.

Does 3D Design Cost More?

Nope! We include 3-D design in our estimate.

What Is Your Process? Does It Take Longer to Make a Plan?

The process doesn't change.

First, Bobby, our designer, will meet with you and talk about what you are thinking about having done. He will take measurements and pictures of the areas, then a design will be created. 

Then, after the design is complete, a 3D picture will be created to go along with the design. The result is a clearer picture of your next designed landscape. We’ll both begin the project feeling great about the finished product.

Get 3D 

3D designing is kind of addictive. Our clients love the different options easily available to them to get the finish the project the way they really want.

It really opens up new levels of planning and creativity. The possibilities are endless!

Using 3-D design, our interactive catalog, and a team of expert landscape designers and installers, we can't wait to work with you to get you the garden of your dreams!

Contact us to get started!

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