Choose from hundreds of perennials (plants that come back every year), annuals (one-time flowers) and trees available to beautify your landscape. Our landscape designer will select the right variety of plants, shrubs and trees that will thrive in your yard conditions and are manageable for your time and budget. 


  • Wide Variety of beautiful flowers, shrubs, and trees
  • Expert advice Customized for your yard
  • Low maintenance options
  • Healthy and hearty plants


  • Enjoy your yard without the work
  • Let a professional help you choose
  • Get the plants you want

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Perennial Gardens

Whether you need new flowers and shrubs or keep your established perennials and trees, Designer Landscapes can make a beautiful yard for you!

"They transformed my large, unkept lawn and gardens into a dream" 


Additional Garden Services:

Raised Gardens

Give your plants a lift and keep garden pests away with a beautiful and durable raised garden. Beautiful and durable, they also save your back!


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