Patios make your back yard a new outdoor room for entertaining.  We use natural stone and brick pavers to create a beautiful addition to your home. You won't believe the difference a gorgeous patio makes!


  • Variety of options of patio pavers, bricks, colors and finishes
  • Custom designed for your home 
  • Sitting Walls, stone pillars and stairs
  • Professional installation


  • Open up your yard for outdoor relaxation
  • Low maintenance, Long-lasting
  • Perfect for entertaining
  • Add elegance and function

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Backyard patios made of pavers are a beautiful addition to your home.

"We are so impressed with your professionalism and creativity. We finally have a place to relax and enjoy our evenings." 

Nancy C.H.

Additional Patio Services

outdoor kitchen

You will soon come to realize how "essential" the fireplace is to your outdoor room, especially when it is too hot to cook indoors or when the evening is cooling a great fall day and you want it to last as long as possible.

Retaining Walls & Sitting Walls

Retaining Walls/Sitting Walls can provide both beauty and functionality. They hold back a slope that may erode over time, making a sloping yard useable by leveling the yard, turning it into a flat and functional space


Nicely-placed, broad, natural stone steps transform with slopes to make them more usable. Make a grand entrance, use the steps in staging group or party photos, dress them up with gorgeous pottery - it's up (and down) to you!

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