Should I Add a Concrete or Brick Paver Patio?

a smooth paver patio
paver patios have many options for colors and shapes.
beautiful poolside patio

Your patio is an investment in your house, just like any other home improvement. Think of your patio as you would think about flooring for rooms inside your house. Not only do you want it to look beautiful and create an enjoyable space for you and your guests, but you want your "outdoor floor" to be durable and easy to maintain.

If you’re thinking of adding a new patio, you may be wondering if you should choose brick pavers or concrete.

We're here to answer your questions about patio design and installation! 

It can be difficult and confusing to choose what materials are best for a patio. You want good quality materials but don’t want to break the bank. And you want a beautiful patio block design, but it's a big job to tackle. 

You also may be thinking of doing it yourself. While it may be tempting, professionals can ensure that you're getting the best materials for your budget and that it is installed for long-lasting quality. Do you want to use a material that is cheaper and easy to install yourself but is not long-lasting and is expensive to replace? Professional landscapers can help you make the best choices for your patio.

We get lots of questions about patios, so read the answers to our frequently asked questions. 



Whether you have a small yard and patio or want a larger patio with lots of details, professionals can help choose the right backyard patio design for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Backyard Patio Design


What are My Options for Patio Design?

Most landscaped patios are made from two kinds of patio materials: pavers or concrete.

Add paver steps and patio

As experienced landscape designers, we’ve had decades of experience using both materials. In our opinion, pavers are the best patio material.

We love designing gorgeous patios for our clients with many paver options. It’s a lot of fun to imagine the possibilities for pavers surrounding pools or outdoor kitchens. Pavers give us many more tools to work with to design an amazing space for you, including sitting walls, grill surrounds, steps and pillars.

What are Brick Pavers?

Brick pavers can create unique designs.

Brick pavers are individual units made of concrete that interlock together. This provides a more giving environment for expansion, contraction, and even heavy loads. They can be replaced individually. They come in a variety of shapes and colors.  Paving materials include sandstone, limestone, slate, concrete, granite, tar and porcelain are options. 

What are Concrete Patios?

a picture of an old concrete walkway

Poured concrete is a large slab.  Concrete is, well, concrete. You probably have it in your driveway. Design options are limited. It is long-lasting but not very visually attractive unless you “stamp” it to get a more elegant look.

Which is More Durable - Concrete vs Pavers?

Concrete, while it is durable, it is almost guaranteed to crack due to ground settling, and repairs are a fairly-involved operation that usually requires heavy equipment. Changing temperatures can also affect concrete’s durability. Replacing a concrete slab can be expensive and frustrating.

Over time, the weather can cause the poured concrete slabs to sink and crack. 

concrete patios and walkways can crack over time.

On the other hand, because pavers are inter-locking individual units instead of one huge piece of cement, they are a more “giving” environment for weather changes that may cause expansion or contraction. High-quality pavers can take heavy loads.

Paver patios are durable and beautiful.

This all adds up to the fact that a paver patio is much less likely to settle, but if it does, then you only need to easily raise that area.

What is the Difference in Terms of Design Choices?

Just like picking out a floor covering for inside your home, the options for outdoor patios are endless in shape, sizes, and finishes!

Pavers:Pavers come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Brick pavers are the cheapest. Natural stone pavers, called flagstone pavers, provide added elegance.

Color choices with brick pavers range from shades and blends of brown, red, grey. Earth tones are very popular now in outdoor settings. With brick pavers, we can lay a different color on the outside edge of the patio for a beautiful border.

closeup photo of brick pavers
closeup photo of gray stone pavers
closeup photo of textured, irregular shape pavers

Texture in pavers can be smooth using travertine stone or can have a texture like the Roman Tumbled pavers or Beacon Hill Flagstone textured pavers. 

We can create a unique patio stone design using different shapes- tumbled, to look very natural or a basic mission paver that is a rectangle and squared-off edges. Brick paver sizes range from your standard 4” x 8” to 21” x 14” and the list goes on. See our catalog for lots more options!

Concrete Patios: Yes, concrete patios have come a long way in beauty with the stamped concrete finishes and different color choices. But in my mind stamped concrete is trying to give the look of bricks and stone knowing people typically like that look better.  Why not have the real thing?  Your home is worth it!

Can I Build a Patio Myself?

Remember, whatever type of patio or sidewalk you choose, it will only be as good as the contractor that installed it. A company that does quality work and stands behind their work is who you want.

Photo of an old patio overgrown with grass

For a high-quality, long-lasting outdoor floor, we recommend having a professional hardscaping company do the work.

As you can see from this "before" photo, gaps between the DIY panels have allowed grass and weeds to grow in between. You deserve better than this!

After My Patio is Installed, Which is Ready to Use Fast?

After installation, a concrete patio needs to cure for a couple of days before it can be used.

A paver patio, however, can be used almost immediately.

Which is Cheaper? Pavers or Concrete?

Some people wonder: is it cheaper to build a patio with pavers or concrete? Concrete is cheaper, but plain concrete patios with no color or stamping don’t look very nice. They also can crack and stain. 

In terms of beauty, design options, and easy maintenance, brick pavers are a better choice. Pavers are prettier and more durable, but also pricier. However, brick pavers do come in different levels of pricing. Pavers have many different varieties, styles, and colors, making it worth the investment. 

Are Pavers or Concrete Easier to Clean and Maintain?

If concrete cracks, you will spend money to maintain it, and eventually you will have to replace the entire slab, which could be a bigger investment. With pavers, you can replace pavers individually when the need arises, keeping costs of the patio manageable.

photo of a new backyard patio

As far as cleaning, both options are easy to clean. Concrete can stain, so watch those spills!

Our Vote: Pavers!

photo of back door with stone steps and stone paver patio
Red brick paver patio
Natural stone paver patio looks beautiful when wet.

OK, so it’s probably clear that we love paver patios. Our goal at Designer Landscapes to create a stunning outdoor environment for you to create memories. Brick paver patios are our favorite hardscape! 

Don’t get me wrong. Concrete has its place. Our stamped concrete curbing has served us well for years. But for a patio, like your living room, we value the quality, durability, and beauty of pavers as a great alternative to a cement patio. 

A beautiful paver patio and walkway are beautiful details of your house that your guests will admire. It also can help when you decide to sell your house. 

So if you are looking for a beautiful investment in your patio or walkway, consider pavers your first choice. 


Still have questions about patios?

If you're still not sure which is the best choice for your home and budget, give us a call, and we'll walk you through the details and make sure you make a decision that is right for you.

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Backyard patios made of pavers are a beautiful addition to your home.

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