Landscaping is an occupation that really lets you see what you do and feel proud of your work.

We are so proud of this beautiful home, sitting on Lake Lou Yaeger in Litchfield, Illinois.

This big landscaping project was done in three phases, starting with informal discussions in summer 2022. The owner, Chris Fox, sought landscaping to complement the new house construction and inground pool. He needed a retaining wall, as well as other hardscaping, perennials, shrubs, and lawn. He lives in Missouri, so was not on site daily.

"Designer Landscapes was recommended by a few folks who told us that the quality and service was top notch," Chris says.

What was the best thing about working with Designer Landscapes? "The promptness of service," Chris says. "The crew was very professional was always working hard."

For this project, our team worked well with the many other companies: the main construction contractor, pool contractor, concrete contractor. We all worked well together and got the job done. 

We also worked hard to accommodated Chris's requests. Check out the pictures below!

Phase 1: Retaining Wall 

Phase 1 of installation was retaining wall around the pool- this had to be first as the pool was sitting out of the ground and the pool house could not be built until the retaining wall was in. Then the concrete around the pool could be poured.

The rock we used was Indiana glacier. We used low-voltage landscape lighting in front beds for energy efficiency and beauty!

fox2 copy.jpg



finished with grass.jpg


Phase 2: Grill Surround

During Phase 2, we added a beautiful stone housing for their grill. We also added sitting walls and a fire pit. We can imagine lots of fun, family summer barbeques and cozy fall parties in this outdoor room!  All of the main foundation around the house got the full landscape treatment, with planting beds, lots of underground tile, and weathered sandstone boulders. Decorative concrete edging adds a finished, polished look.



before1 copy.jpg


Phase 3: Lawn Improvement

The final part of this incredible project was to complement the landscaping with beautiful grass. We added over 700 tons of soil to the yard, grade and seed lawn.

This was Chris's favorite feature of the new landscaping. "I love grass!" he says. The spring and summer sunshine will soon produce a lush lawn for his enjoyment!

This project was a long one, but our team was dedicated to provide the same top quality of service from day 1 until the last day. And the hard work was worth it. The result is a set of beautiful enhancements to make this home a real stunner!  Congratulations Mr. Fox, and enjoy your landscaping!