Carlinville family home gets new backyard firepit patio.

paver walkway and firepit

We helped a Carlinville family improve their home outdoor “hangout” with new hardscapes: a firepit, patio, steps and walkways.

The Huttons had purchased the home and the backyard was not only unattractive, it wasn’t safe or functional. The sidewalk going from the driveway to the back porch was so unsafe it was hard to walk on.The fence and retaining walls were rotted and falling over. Everything was old and ugly.

We tore out all the old hardgoods and built them a good sidewalk and steps to either back porch. They also needed retaining walls with stairs going through them to get to their area to hang out at the firepit patio. The patio used pavers.

Today, the Huttons have an amazing setting with the woods and a pond, now they can enjoy being out there all year! 

We’re so honored to help families like the Huttons! 

The old back yard needed some TLC.

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