All About Hydrangeas!


Everyone loves hydrangeas! They are a great summer plant when you want large, full blossoms in a variety of colors. Hydrangeas are a good ol’ reliable plant that makes a bold statement with minimal work from you. 

Some varieties bloom for a month or so. Others showcase their beauty later in July and August.

We get lots of questions about hydrangeas. If you are confused about how to care for hydrangeas, read the answers to frequently asked questions about hydrangea care.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hydrangeas

Are hydrangeas a good FLOWERING shrub for my garden?

Hydrangeas are a very strong shrub. They’re tough, disease-resistant, and once established, many varieties don’t need regular watering, except in extremely dry and hot conditions.

What month do Hydrangeas bloom?

Hydrangeas are a reliable summer perennial. In Illinois, hydrangeas that bloom on new wood will bloom in mid-July-August. If they bloom on old wood, they will bloom earlier. Check out our catalog to see bloom months for individual hydrangea varieties.

How big do hydrangeas get?

Hydrangeas come in many sizes ranging from 3 ft x 3ft up to 6ft x 6 ft. This makes them great for nearly any space.

What type of soil and light conditions do hydrangeas need?

Since hydrangeas are strong, they can grow well in many different soils. The pH of the soil will determine the color.

Hydrangeas, for the most part, prefer shade but some varieties can tolerate quite a bit of sun, like the Lime Light and Vanilla Strawberry.

How often should I water hydrangeas?

To get hydrangeas established after planting, we recommend watering 2-3 times a week. But once established, watering is only needed in hot, dry conditions.

A good layer of mulch can help keep moisture in during dry spells.

How can I change the color of my hydrangeas?  

If you planted blue hydrangeas and they are blooming pink then that means they need more acidic soil. To get the soil more acidic, fertilize with an acid-loving fertilizer like Miracid twice per month.

When and how should I prune hydrangeas? 

Pruning hydrangeas can be a bit confusing. The best approach is to look up the variety you have in our catalog and get accurate information.

Some hydrangeas bloom on both old wood and new wood, so pruning is not a problem. But some hydrangeas will only bloom on new wood, so careful pruning is needed.

Do be careful -- if you just go nuts in the fall and cut them off all the way to the ground- some varieties won't bloom next spring.

Many of the blue flower and pink flower varieties you just need to cut off old blooms as they bloom on only new wood. Whereas, the white varieties like Little Lime, LimeLight, and Annabelle you can prune quite a bit off and they will still bloom their heads off!

Do hydrangeas make a good cut flower? 

They do make a pretty cut flower that will last quite a few days. They also make a nice dried flower for your winter floral arrangements.

how do i care for hydrangeas in the winter?

Hydrangeas should be fine -as is- to make it through the winter but a pile of leaves around them for insulation wouldn’t hurt either.

When is the best time to plant hydrangeas?

We plant hydrangeas all season long: April- the first part of December. If you plant them in the summer, be sure to water well in hot weather.

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Our Favorite Hydrangeas

See our favorite varieties of hydrangeas.

What's Patty's favorite hydrangea?

"Most people are fond of the blue and pink varieties. I do enjoy them, but I really like the Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangeas. They start out white and then turns a pinkish mauve color and looks just like a strawberry ice cream cone. 😊  I am also very partial to the Little Lime Hydrangea as they stay 3-4 ft tall and bloom their heads off all summer long!" 

Designer Landscapes has an excellent stock of many hydrangea varieties. Stop by our nursery or contact us and we'll help you pick the right hydrangea for your space. 

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