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Designer Landscapes Nursery

DLI's nursery is located in Farmersville


8 am- 4 pm Monday-Friday

9 am - 4 pm Saturday

Safely Visit And Social Distance

Our outdoor nursery makes it easy to socially distance if you prefer. Our staff is always here to help you, but you can also shop on your own.  If you would like no contact pickup, just call us, and we can easily make that happen.    

Get Directions & Come See Us!

Welcome to the Country!

When our customers and want-to-be customers think of Designer Landscapes, Inc., they probably picture us toiling in your yard. But there is another place where we flourish. It's a place where we have access to everything we ever imagined needing and then some! It’s home to us and we want it to feel that way to you.

Whether you’re looking for hard goods, from boulders to sand or plants from ground covers to trees, we have something to share with you at the nursery. Come visit and walk the grounds to see our demo areas. 

Take a drive to Farmersville and you’ll be amazed by our "sandbox" and its variety of flowering plants. It's an easy, relaxing adventure, and not all that far to experience a "Welcome to the Country" attitude. We can even point out a place or two down the road if you want pie and coffee.

Nursery and Business

When you're wondering what we're doing check out our nursery and business office photos!

Talk to the Landscape Design Experts or Shop for the Best Illinois Perennials On Your Own

We love to care for a wide and well-maintained variety of plants that thrive in the central Illinois weather and soil conditions. We also love to talk about landscape design and our products, and our staff is always on hand to talk with you if you need help. Or you can just relax and enjoy the beauty of our nursery on your own. There’s no place quite like an open-air market to enjoy a day of shopping. 

You are likely to find a shrub or a tree or a plant you find ideal to fill in a tough spot. Maybe you need bolder boulders or flagstone or some other enhancing and ornamental items.

You want them ... we have them. It’s as simple as that. Pick out as much as you can and we’ll figure out the "take" or "deliver" needs before you leave.

Yes, we are all about what’s green and growing, with a wide selection of other natural materials. It’s not likely you’ll find pottery or sundials or furniture here. We started with landscaping and we have stuck with it. We want to make a lasting impression in your yard and, for us, that means plants, trees, shrubs and those natural items which make it all look great.

We can't wait to see you!