Add the sense of sound to your garden with a water feature. In the middle of a lazy summer day or at the end of a busy workday, there's nothing more soothing than the sound of trickling water. This can be as simple as a bubbling boulder or fountain, which does just what it says: bubbles water and recirculates. Ornamental ponds with a waterfall or a stream make a grander statement. These are very natural and a great focal point to your yard. Create a place to sit and enjoy, watch a butterfly or your favorite furry friend get a quick drink.


  • Color falls, waterspouts available
  • Variety of hardware options
  • Custom designs
  • Professional installation
  • Pond maintenance and repair


  • Dazzle your friends and neighbors
  • Increase your home's value
  • Add sophistication and tranquility to your garden design. 
  • Solves tricky drainage problems

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Water Features

A bit of the bubbly - water features come in all sizes, shapes, and textures.

"Designer Landscapes is just a superior company who absolutely amazes with their ability to cohesively design, correct problems, and deliver a beautiful finished product."

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