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Yard Services

Let's face it, some lawn care duties are just not as much fun as we’d like. Gorgeous looking yards take a lot of time and effort. Even routine upkeep on a nice-looking lawn can include several tiresome jobs that must be done on a yearly basis. Thankfully, the team at DLI is happy to tackle the most challenging aspects of this annual routine. We have the tools, materials, and experience needed to make sure that important tasks are done when they need to be and they are done right. Could it be any easier for you? We think not.

Here’s a list of the yard services which take you from early spring to late fall:

Spring cleanup

Trim shrubs as needed, cut off perennials, general bed cleanup, apply a pre emergent to help prevent weed seed germination, and apply a slow release fertilizer in planting beds.

Fall Cleanup

Cutting back perennials, slight shrub trimming, general bed cleanup, and apply a pre emergent to help prevent weed seed germination.


Applying a fresh layer of mulch (appx 1-2 inches thick) on mulch beds and around trees.  This year we are assuming you want spring remulching unless you write fall on the postcard.

Shrub Trimming

Prune / shape shrubs and small trees and dead head perennials as needed, pull weeds, apply a pre emergent to help prevent weed seed germination.

Tree Spraying

Spray as needed for bagworms.  Please note we spray at the optimal time to kill bagworms, and it may not be the same time as treatment for Japanese beetles.

Japanese Beetles

The best and safest approach is a soil drench treatment for any of your perennials, shrubs, or trees that are repeatedly affected by Japanese beetle damage each year.  It must be applied in early spring to be effective.  Over the past several years, we have found this treatment to be quite helpful in slowing down the Japanese beetle feeding.  It is applied to the soil, so that makes it much safer for the environment.  We have found the soil drench to work very well.

If you see Japanese beetles on your plants and want us to spray, please notify our office as soon as you see them and we will do our best to get there quickly.

Deep Root Fertilization

A slow release fertilizer injected into the soil that lasts 2 years.  This fertilizer can be applied to trees, shrubs, and perennials.

Lawn Aeration

Decrease soil compaction and helps reduce thatch.  Recommended once a year.  This year we are assuming you want spring aeration unless you write fall beside this service on the postcard.


Mowing is offered on a weekly basis for the entire season, unless weather restricts us (this includes droughts or excessive heat).

You can select the services you want and email us to get on the schedule. If it is better for you to call and talk to us, please do. We always enjoy hearing from you!

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