Decorative Concrete Edging: The Finishing Touch!

photo of a concrete edging border

Concrete edging gives your landscape the finished look you want. 

The Designer Landscapes team will create a custom design to complement the landscape already in place.

We've done thousands of concrete borders for our clients. Check out a few projects. 

Stamped Concrete Edging

Creating a stamped concrete border around a floral garden lasts for years and gives your front yard or back yard that finished look that your neighbors will envy.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Concrete Landscape Edging

 How do you install concrete landscape edging?

Our knowledgeable, trained, and professional team will mix, pour, and stamp decorative concrete edging on-site with our own equipment to get the perfect consistency and color. 

The poured concrete edging sets up and is established, defining the location you selected. And just as with all our projects, when the work is done, we clean up. It takes so little time and lasts so long, you'll wonder why you didn't consider it earlier. It's a great home improvement project.

Does it take long to install landscape edging?

Our unique process allows installation to be fast, clean and less expensive than traditional edging. 

Is concrete edging easy to maintain?

The maintenance of concrete edging is very simple. We recommend that the edge is cleaned and resealed once a year to keep it looking nice. That will protect it for many years to come! Our edging materials are durable and cost-effective. Concrete edging won't rust or become discolored over time. 

What choices do I have for the landscape edging materials? 

You can choose from a variety of materials for your concrete edge: brick, cobblestone, natural stone, flagstone or old world stone. Color options include charcoal, brown or red. We'll work with your existing landscape to create a design that enhances what you have in place. 

Create a unique edging border for your front or back yard garden. Call Designer landscapes today to talk about edging ideas for your home!

Concrete edging is a permanent landscape border that is durable and cost-effective

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