Weigela - Sonic Bloom Red (Weigela florida 'Verweig-6')

Name Weigela - Sonic Bloom Red
Botanical Name Weigela florida 'Verweig-6'

Sonic Bloom™ Red is an incredibly prolific reblooming Weigela, beginning the season with a heavy flush in late spring and then continuing all summer and fall. There's never been anything like it, and you will absolutely love it for nonstop 3-season color in the sunny garden. Sonic Bloom™ Red is a compact and very dense shrub, 4 to 5 feet high and wide, with lipstick red blooms that arise in uncountable numbers amid the dark green foliage. It never needs deadheading, making it virtually maintenance-free once established in the garden. Adaptable, easy, and so long-blooming, it's a must-have!

Location: Sun
Size: 4-5 Feet
Flower Color: Red
Bloom Time: Late Spring to Late Fall
Soil Conditions: Medium
Trim/Prune: Trim after flowering is done.
  • Deer Resistant
  • Attracts Butterflies
  • Attracts Hummingbirds
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