Birch - River / Hertiage (Betula Nigra)

Name Birch - River / Hertiage
Botanical Name Betula Nigra

Birch - River or River Birch, all the same as a multiple-stemmed or single-stemmed tree growing 40-70 ft tall. Creamy peeling bark gives it undeniable character. Fall coloring of leaves is yellow. Fast growing and borer resistant, one of the most disease free birches available and good along streams, in low spots, or out front in the lawn to where it will draw attention to itself!

Location: Sun
Size: 40-70 ft tall x 40-60 ft spread
Special Needs: Prefers moist, fertile, acidic soil. Watch for japanese beetle and aphids. Spray as needed or soil drench spring and fall.
Soil Conditions: Moist, Medium
Trim/Prune: Prune only when dormant.
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