How I Got Started in Landscaping

By Patty Brockmeyer

2024 marks the 39th year of Designer Landscapes! Thirty-nine years…really- who would have thought it. Many of you know how Designer Landscapes came about, but if not, I will give you a quick explanation.

My first day, of my senior year of high school, I decided I needed to figure out what career would be for me. I was looking thru the LLCC catalog and saw Landscape Horticulture and knew that was it—I wanted to be a landscaper and have my own landscape business. A wheelbarrow for my 18th birthday got me going.

Many people thought-back in the 80’s -that a woman, as a landscaper, was a stupid idea plus Farmersville, as a location was even crazier. Well, I beat those odds and have built quite a successful business with thousands of projects completed.

Why have we been successful? I have always tried to treat people how I wanted to be treated, have good relationships with employees-clients- and suppliers, stick to my word, be honest, surround myself with good people, and continually strive to do our best every day. 

My Favorite Days

While we do have a tried-and-true process of our designer meeting with you, designing a plan and collecting supplies, but I have to say, the most exciting part for me -- and probably for you -- is the day we arrive at your home or business with our fleet of trucks carrying all the plants and equipment. 

That installation day is when all the planning comes together. It is my favorite day.

I so enjoy the excitement of making the transformation to make your place shine! When we are loading up and getting what we call “butts in the seats” for the drive back to “the farm” as we call it = employees are taking pictures to show their family what they did all day and what they were a part of – they are proud of what they accomplished.

That’s how it happened. I still get that tingle because I love what I do and try have some fun along the way.😊

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Remember the '80s?  Here's where we got our start: