6 Things We are Thankful for in the Garden Landscape

Fall is now turning into winter! As Mother Nature brings cold, wind and snow, maybe you're sad to see your landscape freeze and get covered up by the snow and ice. Freezing temperatures and high winds certainly limits our ability at Designer Landscapes to do what we love to do: work outside. We love getting our hands dirty (literally!) and helping nature regenerate season after season.

The holiday season is a great reminder to appreciate our work, our gardens, and our clients. In this blog post, we take a moment to think about how grateful we are for our many blessings.

So if you’re sad to see the warm seasons go, take a minute and read this post and read our list of a few of the things that we are grateful, for along with a few tips for your garden.

Bee pollinating a coneflower

1. Pollinating Garden Friends That Feed Native Plants

Pollinators and native plants go hand in hand -- native plants are usually the ones that attract our friendly pollinators! More and more of our customers are asking us about flowers that attract butterflies and other pollinators like bees and hummingbirds.

Most people are conscious of the lack of pollinators and want to do their part to help. And with good reason, about 75% of all plants depend on pollinators, according to the National Environmental Education Foundation.  

We are thankful that we have so many native plants that are beautiful in a residential landscape! One of the most exciting things that you’ll see in your landscape is when all of your pollinators come through to check out your beautiful (and nutritious) plants.

We’ll talk more about pollinators in an upcoming blog post. Sign up for our blog post to get notified! Until then, check out our blog post about attracting hummingbirds.

2. Spring Color

After a long, cold winter, it is always refreshing to see the first few pops of spring color. When perennial bulbs like daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses, and of course, tulips pop up and show their colors, that’s your sign that that spring is here, and we can look forward to warmer weather.

Fragrant bushes like viburnum give added dimension to your garden. Doesn’t the thought of it make you smile?

Tip: Are you planting some spring bulbs? Plant those bulbs and tubers now and you’ll be rewarded come March or April. Plant them about six inches down and be sure that the root is pointed down.

Always use bulb food in the planting hole- it really helps boost the bulbs These perennials are also great since they multiply over time.


pixabay harrydona

3. Rain

Yes, we are thankful for the rain, even though we have a love/hate relationship with it, kind of like the relationship you may have with certain family members!

Rain can be our best friend in the landscape, making our job a lot easier and is vital to the health of newly-planted shrubs and perennials.

Often, we’re like new parents when we plant trees and plants, watching them carefully and watching the skies for signs of rain and sun – to provide just the right blend of both to keep our plants thriving.

But then we get too much rain, and we curse it. One of the most stressful times for a landscaper and for the plants is when we aren’t receiving any rain. This means more work for the homeowner, as they may be required to water. It also means more work for the plants, as they’re forced to root deeper into the soil in search of water.

The lack of rain is challenging, but it helps us to do our job even better, as we do what we can to prime the soil, plant the healthiest plants we have in our nursery and educate our customers on how to care for their new babies.

This time of the year there is no watering needed or any real care- but the roots of the plants will get better established over the winter. Start fertilizing in later April to get them off and running for the season.

So yes, we are thankful for the rain in its many forms. It’s a good teacher.

4. Low-Maintenance Gardens

In today’s world, most people don’t have the time required to take care of a demanding landscape. As much as we love a landscape that is full of colorful plants, it just isn’t feasible for most people to take care of it year-round.

One of the most important requirements that clients ask for is “low maintenance.” We define this as drought-tolerant, disease-resistant, and natural growers.

We are thankful that there are plenty of options that allow the client to enjoy their landscaping year-round, and they only have to cut down plants once a year!

Looking for low-maintenance plants?

Hydrangeas, boxwoods, holly, burning bushes, evergreen plants, and prairie grasses are all great options. Check out our interactive catalog for more ideas and give us a call for a personalized plan.

a low-maintenace landscape garden


5. Seasons

The changing seasons are why we love living in central Illinois. Gardening each season brings its own unique weather that greatly influences landscaping and our work. Our creative gardening design projects are never boring, thanks to the fluctuating temperatures and precipitation!

The seasons bring both blessings and challenges for sure! The seasonal changes are always in mind when we design a landscape. We must keep in mind that not all plants will be blooming at the same time. We love mixing in different plants that will keep interesting color in your landscape year-round!

If this isn’t taken into consideration, your backyard garden might be beautiful for two months in the summer but lack any color or interest the rest of the year. When you’re working with a professional, make sure to ask them about how the plants will look as the seasons change.

This can present a unique set of challenges in certain situations, but also allows the plants to “show off” all year long.

If you’re interested in adding plants for various seasons, check out the catalog. There, you can choose which months you want your blooms to show. Of course, Patty, Bobby and the rest of the team at Designer Landscapes are always available if you have questions.

And don’t forget to add hardscapes like garden fire pits, concrete curb edging and other details to make your backyard landscaping the details that make it unique.

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6. YOU! Our Clients

Of course, we are especially thankful for our wonderful clients. We wouldn’t be able to do what we love without wonderful homeowners and business owners who request our work and recommend us to their friends and family!

We are thankful for each and every opportunity that a client gives us – no matter how big or small – because every installation matters. Anything from landscaping a newly-constructed home, to redoing existing landscape beds, to adding landscaping bricks, it’s all-important to make sure a landscape can be maintained and enjoyed by every client!


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