Plants! Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

You already know that a beautiful landscape adds value to your home and increases the curb appeal.

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But did you know that a healthy landscape is an investment not just in the quality of your home but also in the quality of your life, your health, and your environment?

If you're looking for a way to de-stress, improve your health, and enjoy being at home, improve your backyard landscape with flowers, shrubs, trees, and hardscapes. 

Here are four benefits of having a garden landscape.

1. Keep Your Body Healthy

A healthy lawn can help prevent diseases that are carried by ticks, fleas, fire ants, and mosquitoes. These diseases can affect your family and your pets and be transmitted to multiple people. By keeping your lawn healthy, these pests won’t be able to thrive and become a hazard. 

With a beautiful lawn and garden in your backyard, your family and children will enjoy playing outside, getting exercise, and spending time together as a family. Backyards are where kids learn to kick a ball, teenagers play flashlight tag, and adults relax in a hammock or on a patio.

Plants can also act as a sound barrier, reducing noise, and increasing privacy.

2. Reduce Stress and Improve Mental Well-Being

Where and how we live and work affects our mood. Studies have shown that walking in a natural environment can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and improve attention and memory!

A study by the National Institutes of Health studied the mental and physical impact of a visual landscape. It found that viewing a photograph of a vast garden landscape, when compared to a crowded and cluttered city landscape, reduced tension, fatigue, confusion, and anxiety. So a garden landscape may help stress levels for those living in cities and crowded spaces.

3. Beautify Your Neighborhood and Community

Healthy landscapes also offer many health benefits to your local community! Research shows that neighborhoods with community green spaces have lower incidences of stress and lower healthcare costs. An attractive workplace will also lift the spirits of your employees and customers. Mature shade trees can help cool your home and office, to help with your heating and cooling bills.

4. Help the Environment

Landscaping has all these fantastic health benefits, but it doesn’t stop there! A healthy landscape is also a great asset to the environment. Grass and plants capture dust, smoke particles, and other pollutants to help make our air cleaner. Lawns can also absorb unhealthy water runoff and prevent it from polluting our natural bodies of water. In fact, a healthy lawn can absorb more than 6,000 gallons of water in a single rainfall! This same lawn, in average size, can also provide enough oxygen for a family of four.

Landscaping can also reduce erosion.

Thanks for Landscaping!

So now you can feel good about investing in a well-kept landscape for your home or office. You’re helping to create a safer and healthier environment for us to live in – and helping the planet too. Now you understand why we enjoy landscaping so much!  Flowers, plants and beautiful landscaping keeps us happy and healthy, and we hope it does for you, too.  

Roses? Peonies? Hydrangeas? Lilies? Lilacs? What plants fortifies your health? Tell us on Facebook!

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