Adding to Winter's Beauty in Your Garden

A closeup of dried hydrangeas in winter snow.

We all strive for a landscape that looks beautiful when the weather is warm and the flowers are blooming, but we can’t forget that landscaping exists year-round.

Even in the winter, when the flowers are dormant and snow is on the ground, you can still create a landscape with visual appeal. Add these shrubs and perennials to your landscape and enjoy your yard year-round!

Winter Garden Picks

Choose from a variety of beautiful shrubs to keep your landscape full and beautiful during the cold winter months.


These hearty trees and shrubs will a beautiful color in your landscape. Healthy evergreens look great all year, even with a light coating of snow and frost.

Some of our favorite evergreens are Boxwood, False Cypress, and Globosa Spruce. These are all great options to add slight variety in green, blue-green color to your landscaping.


With many varieties available, have been a staple in the common landscape for years. They’re hardy, easy to trim, and beautiful!

Two  common options for boxwood are the round-form -such as Winter Green or Winter Gem, and a pyramidal-shaped variety like Green Mountain.

We like round varieties in groupings, typically in odd numbers. Pyramid-shaped varieties look nice as an accent to an entryway. Planting one on each side of the front sidewalk adds a grand accent to your home’s entrance!

False Cypress

false cypress

This is a great evergreen if you’re looking for something a little more unique. These have a more yellow-green color, instead of the typical green that you see with boxwoods or yews.

Along with its unique color, False Cypress also have a very interesting shape. The natural “mopping” form is very soft-looking, and requires no pruning!

Because the branches don’t stick straight out, these don’t tend to outgrow their planting area (as long as you plan ahead for the mature size).

Globosa Spruce

globosa spruce

Globosa Spruce is another evergreen that has a beautiful color and requires no pruning! These have the same blue color as a Colorado Blue Spruce but stay around 3'-4’ tall and 4'-5’ wide at full maturity.

These are best used as a specimen plant, and not as a grouping of multiple ones together.

The highly attractive color can really stand out against your landscaping and add a lot of appeal.

More Winter Choices

A few other plants that can add winter interest are grasses, ferns, coral bells, and even some hydrangeas. Even though all these plants go dormant in the winter, they all have something to offer.

Coral Bells

Cold weather can't hide coral bells' beauty. Lovely shades of purple and green make a nice accent on your winter walk. 


The ever-popular hydrangea offers year-round appeal in the winter months. When the bloom-heads dry out, they transform into colors ranging from cream to gold to brown. You'll also see them in dried arrangements for winter pot-scaping containers.


Whether tall or short, fountain grasses get a beautiful cream color in the winter. They still look beautiful when they’re swaying in the wind, and when they have a layer of snow. Like ferns, there are a lot of varieties in different heights and colors. They are so easy to care for, too!




Some varieties of ferns and coral bells are considered semi-evergreen, meaning the foliage will retain its color all year long. Ferns come in lots of sizes and colors, so you can create a booming fern garden and enjoy it all year long.

Contact Designer Landscapes to get some of these plants in your garden to enjoy next winter!  

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