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What’s Trending in Landscaping

By Patty Brockmeyer - Owner of Designer Landscapes and an Illinois Certified Nursery Professional

Landscaping trends have seen major changes over the past several years.


Custom firepits, that are built right into your patio are very trendy. What a great way to relax at the end of a busy day, but to cozy up outside around the fire, with your family. Firepits can be round or square, wood burning or gas, natural stone or precast block. Options are endless on what custom built fire pits can look like. Keep in mind, quality construction is very important. A bit of a different spin, but similar are “fire rocks”. Fire rocks are a large type boulder with an opening drilled out in the center and a gas insert installed. It would be a simple but trendy type of fire feature and fit right in very naturally. See more examples of our firepits in our Portfolio. Also, check out our Lighting page to enhance your outdoor living space.

Designer Landscapes Firepits will make Summer Last!


When it comes to patios and landscaped walkways, brick pavers and specialized stone are what is trending. Concrete being used for these purposes is becoming a thing of the past, as concrete can crack and brick can be repaired if any problems arise. Brick pavers have made huge headway in durability, color, texture, and size, as really, the sky is the limit! But hold on, natural stone pavers are climbing in popularity. One of the top in natural stone pavers is the tumbled travertine paver that is quarried in Turkey. It is a great product that does not retain heat, which makes it ideal to walk barefoot on plus it is slip resistant= great around a pool.

Butterflies and Hummingbirds

Naturally inviting butterflies and hummingbirds into your yard is something most people are looking to do these days! Seeing the first hummingbird in the Spring or a monarch butterfly in the summer is something to tell all your friends. Proper planting of plants is extremely important, along with minimal use of chemicals. The 2017 Perennial Plant of the Year is Asclepias tuberosa aka Butterfly weed. It is a favorite to monarch butterflies and also hummingbirds.

Water features

Water features have become very popular. They can be as simple a bubbling boulder or fountain, which does just what it says= bubbles water and recirculates. They are great for sound in your garden or it might be a place for a butterfly to get a quick drink or even your favorite furry friend! Then there are ornamental ponds with a waterfall or a stream. These are very natural and a great focal point to your yard= a place to sit and enjoy, heck even feed the koi. Then for something a bit more flashy are color falls, which are a vertical wall with water flowing out and lights to make the water light up. You can add waterspouts on the sides for extra water flow.

3D Design

For more than 10 years landscape contractors have “lost the job”, not to another landscape company but to a kitchen remodel project. Kitchen designers have had more advanced design techniques to show what the project will really look like in true form. All that is now changing with 3D landscape design imagery coming on strong in the landscape industry. You can see what that new outdoor living space or a new front landscape, will look like – for real.