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Lawn Care Program

Designer Landscapes offers a professional lawn care program which gives the proper ingredients at the correct times to help ensure a beautiful lawn all season long. Each step is carefully monitored and applied at the optimal time to ensure the best performance. 

Step #1       Early Spring Fertilization, Crabgrass Preventer and Early Broadleaf Weed Control (early March)

We will apply a slow release fertilizer early in the season for an early-spring green up.  This is also the time when we can most effectively control crabgrass and will apply crabgrass preventer.  We will also spot treat for early broadleaf weed control due to bad crabgrass last summer.     


Step #2       Crabgrass Preventer plus Broadleaf Weed Control (late Apr-May)

Broadleaf weed control will be applied to tackle the dandelions, creeping charlie, buckthorn, etc.  Please remember that we can only control those broadleaf weeds showing at the time of application.  We will also apply crabgrass preventer to ensure season long control.


Step #3       Grub Control and Fertilizer (late June-early August)

An insecticide will be applied to give season-long control of grubs.  In addition, a slow-release fertilizer is applied at this time to sustain your lawn through the high stress of summer heat. 


Step #4       Broadleaf Weed Control and Fertilizer (September)

Another application of a slow-release fertilizer is applied to maintain a healthy turf into the fall season.  We will also apply broadleaf weed control to combat fall weeds. 


Step #5       Fall Fertilization (late Oct-Nov)

Fall is the best growing time of the year for turfgrass.  We’ll apply a final application of fertilizer to help promote good root growth, which in turn, will help maximize recovery from any summer stresses and give a boost for the spring season.

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