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Service Related Question

We arrive prepared to trim shrubs as needed, cut off perennials, perform general planting bed and lawn cleanup, apply a pre-emergent to planting beds which will assist in preventing weed seed germination, and apply a slow-release planting bed fertilizer.

We return to cut back perennials, do slight shrub trimming and shaping, general planting bed and lawn cleanup, and another pre-emergent to assist in preventing winter weed seed germination.

A layer between 1-2 inches of fresh mulch is placed around trees and on mulchedbeds.

This is the best time to do serious pruning and shaping of shrubs and small trees. Perennials are dead-headed as needed. Weeding is done, and an application of the pre-emergent weed seed germination prevention completes this service.

Bagworms will be sprayed. This is done at the optimal time to destroy them.

When Japanese beetles appear on plants and trees we need to hear from you and we’ll set up the time to spray for them.

If you have perennials, shrubs, or trees which you know are subject to Japanese beetle damage we recommend this drenching. Effectiveness is time-sensitive: it must be done in the early spring. Drenching significantly slows Japanese beetle feeding.

Beautiful trees live in all types landscapes: the very plush to the uninspired. They bud out, produce leaves with points, angles, curves, jags, roundness – all shapes and sizes and shades. Each year tree owners take great pleasure in watching the seasons change, in seeing how their trees have grown. Then, leaves start to fall. We’ll do the raking. Our crew makes short work of a big raking job and we will clear out the awkward areas where leaves tend to drift and pile up not just rake those about to blow into the neighbor’s yard. We’ll even haul them away for you. Our raking service is just one of the specialty services we provide. You don’t need an excuse to not rake your yard yourself. You need Designer Landscapes, Inc.

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