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Spiderwort (Tradescantia)

Name Spiderwort
Botanical Name Tradescantia

Distinctive and instantly recognized, these triangular blue flowers against golden foliage are considered a prairie wildflower. Vigorous growing and long blooming, although the blossoms do not last long there are many of them on each plant. Protect from the scorching afternoon sun. Try this: Break the tip off a spiderwort leaf and wait for a drop of sap to appear, then touch it with your fingertip and notice how far you can stretch a thread of sap. This resemblance to a spider's silk may explain where its name came from. Whether you do this or not, this plant makes a strong, deep purple presence in a natural garden area. Just read about King Charles I, he was the first to have them and they still flourish in English gardens.

Location: Sun, Partial Sun, Shade
Size: 12-24 inches tall
Flower Color: Blue, purple, pink
Bloom Time: May, June
Special Needs: Protect from the scorching afternoon sun.
Soil Conditions: Medium
Trim/Prune: Trim to the ground in late fall after several frosts.
  • Attracts Butterflies
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