Redbud, Royal White (Cercis canadensis 'Royal White')

Name Redbud, Royal White
Botanical Name Cercis canadensis 'Royal White'

The Royal White Redbud is a small ornamental tree or shrub that puts on a stunning spring display. You’ll be amazed by the staggering number of blooms that blanket your Redbud in the spring. Prolific clusters of pristine white, pea-sized flowers seem to encase the bare branches in spectacular color. In the summer the beauty of your Redbud becomes apparent. Heart shaped leaves emerge with a unique bronze hue, later changing to green. Your Redbud’s leaves will progress to a lovely blue-green until spicing up your autumn landscape with a lively yellow.

Location: Full Sun, Partial Sun
Size: 20 - 30 feet height; 15 -25 feet spread.
Flower Color: White
Soil Conditions: Moist
Trim/Prune: Prune when trees are dormant.
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