Elm - Emerald Sunshine (Ulmus americana)

Name Elm - Emerald Sunshine
Botanical Name Ulmus americana

Beauty meets utility in this heat and drought tolerant elm. Its adaptability and mannerly, vase-shaped growth habit result in an easily grown, premium shade tree. Highly resistant to disease and insect attack, it adapts to varied growing conditions and pH levels, and thrives in tough urban settings. True to its name, Emerald Sunshine® Elm thrives in the hot summer sun while casting cool green shade. Leaves retain their fresh, green appearance through the hot days of summer, when drying winds cause damage to less heat-adapted trees. Strongly textured foliage emerges with red tints and matures to a deep, rich green. Fall color is rich yellow, sometimes with purple tints on the tips and along the margins. Leaves are also highly resistant to the feeding of elm leaf beetles, according to university researchers conducting a 10-year nationwide performance trial. In addition to warding off insect attacks, this versatile performer resists Dutch Elm Disease and Phloem Necrosis.

Size: 30 ft Height and 25 ft Spread
Soil Conditions: Medium
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