Hosta 'Rhino Hide' (Hosta 'Rhino Hide')

Name Hosta 'Rhino Hide'
Botanical Name Hosta 'Rhino Hide'

You have to feel it to believe it! “The texture and substance of the leaves remind you of a rhino’s hide—thick and unusual”. Slugs can’t touch ‘Rhino Hide’! Leaves of extremely thick substance have wide, blue margins and a narrow, light green center that brightens to yellow. They are cupped and puckered, forming a medium to large sized clump in the landscape. White flowers top the scapes in early to midsummer. This durable hosta exhibits greater sun tolerance than many other hostas, though partial shade is still best.

Location: Full to Part Shade
Size: 20" H - 30" W
Flower Color: White
Soil Conditions: Medium, moist.
Trim/Prune: Trim to ground after several frosts.
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