Spruce - Norway (Picea abies)

Name Spruce - Norway
Botanical Name Picea abies

Norway Spruce is a native of Europe (did you guess that?). This large, dark green evergreen tree has the traditional pyramidal shape plus gracefully weeping branches which are most evident at maturity. Can be used as a specimen or as a windbreak. The foliage hangs on the large trees. How do you know if you're looking at a Norway Spruce? Remove one needle, it should be about 1 inch long and rotate easily between the thumb and forefinger. If it does not rotate and has 2 flat sides it is a fir tree.

Location: Sun
Size: 60' tall x 30' spread
Soil Conditions: Medium soil
Trim/Prune: In late fall or winter if required.
  • Rabbit Resistant
  • Deer Resistant
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