Redbud, Forest Pansy/Burgundy Hearts (Cercis canadensis)

Name Redbud, Forest Pansy/Burgundy Hearts
Botanical Name Cercis canadensis

Probably everyone in the area is familiar with redbuds but what about a variety of redbud having purple leaves? We have it covered! Plant yours when it is very young and leave it undisturbed. Full sun to partial shade is fine. Leaves become more muted as they mature and by fall they may be varied in shadings of purple, reddish-purple, and even orange.

Location: Sun, Partial Sun, Shade
Size: 15-20 ft tall by 20-30 ft
Flower Color: Pink, Purple
Bloom Time: April, May
Special Needs: Watch for borers.
Soil Conditions: Medium, well drained, Dry
Trim/Prune: Prune when trees are dormant.
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