Allium 'Serendipity' (Allium)

Name Allium 'Serendipity'
Botanical Name Allium

Allium 'Serendipity' is a stunning addition to any garden. This globe-shaped plant boasts rosy-purple flowers that are sure to catch your eye. The attractive blue foliage adds a pop of color and contrast to any landscape. Butterflies adore the flowers' sweet nectar. Pictures from Walters Gardens Inc.

Min Height: 15″
Max Height: 20″
Min Width: 26″
Max Width: 32″
Location: Full Sun
Size: 15"-20" inches tall
Flower Color: Rosy-Purple
Bloom Time: July-August
Special Needs: This is a relatively low maintenance plant, and should only be pruned after flowering to avoid removing any of the current season's flowers.
Soil Conditions: Average Soil Quality
Trim/Prune: Once the flowers have faded, use clean, sharp scissors or pruning shears to cut the spent blooms off at the base of the stem. This will help redirect the plant's energy into producing more foliage and flowers.
  • Rabbit Resistant
  • Deer Resistant
  • Attracts Butterflies
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