Serviceberry (Amelanchier)

Name Serviceberry
Botanical Name Amelanchier

Single or multi-stemmed, the Serviceberry is a small tree reaching 15 ft tall. Snowy-white clustered blooms in early spring, often before leaves appear. It The Serviceberry roduces edible berry-like fruit that is red to purplish-black and 1/4 - 1/3 inches in diameter. Orange-red fall color. Grows fairly fast. Can handle shady situations and is a very trim-able tree. Trivia: It is called serviceberry because it blooms in mid-April, when long-delayed religious services were held throughout 19th century New England, as snow-covered roads became accessible again. People were beginning to move about and enjoyed seeing these small trees.

Location: Sun, Partial Sun, shade
Size: 15 ft tall x 15 ft spread
Flower Color: White
Bloom Time: April, May
Soil Conditions: Slightly Acidic Soil, Medium, Dry
Trim/Prune: Prune when trees are dormant.
  • Attracts Birds
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