Crab-Sargent (Malus Sargentii)

Name Crab-Sargent
Botanical Name Malus Sargentii

Small, slow growing tree with fragrant, usually alternate year, profuse rosy pink blossoms turning white. During the summer it delivers red fruit for the birds to enjoy through the fall. Grows 6-8 ft tall spreading 10-15 ft. It can be grown as a dwarf or a dense, spreading shrub if that is your need. You may decide to use it near fencing or as a border, property dividing tree/shrub.

Location: Sun
Size: 6-8' Tall and 10-15 ft
Flower Color: White
Bloom Time: April, May
Special Needs: Watch for japanese beetles. Spray as needed or treat with soil drench spring and fall.
Soil Conditions: Medium
Trim/Prune: Prune when trees are dormant
  • Fragrant
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