Rose - Knock Out (Rosa sp.)

Name Rose - Knock Out
Botanical Name Rosa sp.

Everyone who "wished they could grow roses" before has no excuse now for these are the NO FEAR ROSE. Florescent cherry red/dark pink (warmer weather) to fire engine red (cooler weather) blooms and purple foliage last all summer! The bush reaches 3 feet in size. The blooms add abundant fragrance which will cause you to linger. Beware!

Location: Sun, Partial Sun
Size: 3' Tall and 3' Wide
Flower Color: Red, Dark Pink
Bloom Time: May, October
Special Needs: Watch for japanese beetles. Spray as needed or treat with soil drench spring and fall.
Soil Conditions: Medium
Trim/Prune: Trim in late fall or spring to 12 - 18 inches tall. Cutting back through the season will facilitate additional flowering.Every two years prune out 2/3's of largest canes.
  • Fragrant
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